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Offseason Player Tracker

We know the offseason can be long and tedious, so we created this offseason tracker to help you navigate through the process of us starting to build our team for the 2024-25 season. 

Here are the important dates to know as we start to prepare for next season:

Protected List: Due June 8 at 3:00 p.m.
Only ECHL contracts can be on this list. There is no limit to how many players can be listed, and even players who were suspended or extended a qualifying offer last summer may be included.

Future Considerations Trade Deadline: June 20 at 3:00 p.m.
Trades that have future considerations components must be completed by this date.
-Wichita is owed a player from Orlando as a part of the Kelly Bent trade
-Wichita owes Idaho as a part of the trade for Nick Nardella

Season-Ending Roster: Due June 22 at 3:00 p.m.
Maximum 20 players. Only ECHL contracts can be on this list. If a team names a player to its season-ending roster, that team has exclusive rights to negotiate with and sign that player until qualifying offers are due.

Get excited! This is when pen can start getting put to paper, and you begin to find out who will be taking the ice for the upcoming season!

Qualifying Offers Due: July 7 at 11:59 p.m.
Maximum 8 players. If a team hasn't signed a player prior to this date, they may extend that player a qualifying offer. That offer ensures that the player's ECHL rights stay with that team for a full season. The exception to that rule is veterans (260 pro games or more), who can become a restricted free agent on August 8th, if they have not signed or accepted the offer.

Below, you will see various lists of players who played in Wichita in 2023-24, or had their ECHL rights with Wichita in 2023-24, and what their statuses are for the 2024-25 season.

ECHL Contracts

Player NameProtected ListSeason-Ending RosterQualifying Offer2024-25 Status
Ryan Barbosa (D)YesYesNo 
Austin Crossley (D) - 2023 Qualifying offerYesNoNO 
Dominic Dockery (D)YesYesNoSigned to SPC with Wichita
Nicholas Favaro (D)YesYesNo 
Tyler Jette (D)YesYesNoSigned to SPC with Wichita
Nolan Kneen (D)YesYesYes 
Shane Kuzmeski (D)YesYesNoSigned to SPC with Wichita
Cole MacDonald (D) - 2023 Qualifying Offer)YesNoNoSigned with Dundee (EIHL)
Jeremy Masella (D)YesYesNoSigned with DVTK Jegesmedvek (Estra Liga)
Lleyton Moore (D) - Signed to AHL Deal w/ TucsonYesYesYesAHL deal with Tucson
Xavier Pouliot (D) - Team suspension, signed in EuropeYesYesYesSigned with Dundee (EIHL)
Ethan Roswell (D) - Team Suspension, signed in EuropeYesYesNo 
Peter Bates (F) - Team suspension, signed in EuropeYesYesNoSigned to SPC with Wichita
Dillon Boucher (F)YesYesNoSigned to SPC with Wichita
Jay Dickman (F)YesNoNoSigned to SPC with Wichita
Ryan Finnegan (F)YesYesYes 
Nick Nardella (F)YesNoNoSigned with HC Aosta (Italy)
Jason Pineo (F)YesYesYesSigned with DVTK Jegesmedvek (Estra Liga)
Brandon Saigeon (F)YesNoNoTraded to Idaho
Declan Smith (F)YesYesYes 
Michal Stinil (F)YesYesYes 
Jake Wahlin (F)YesYesNoSigned to SPC with Wichita
Kobe Walker (F)YesYesNoSigned to SPC with Wichita
Brayden Watts (F)YesNoNo 
Trevor Gorsuch (G)YesYesNoSigned to SPC with Wichita


AHL Contracts

Player Name2023-24 Status2024-25 Status
Roman Kinal1-year AHL contractAHL contract with San Diego
Connor MacEachern1-year AHL contract 
Bradley Marek1-year AHL contractAHL contract with Iowa Wild
Beck Warm1-year AHL contract 

NHL Contracts

Player Name2023-24 Status2024-25 Status
Magnus Chrona1st of 2-year Entry-Level NHL Contract 
Artem Guryev1st of 3-year Entry-Level NHL Contract 
Gannon Laroque1st of 3-year Entry-Level NHL Contract 
Eetu Makiniemi1-year NHL contract (extension) 
Georgi Romanov1st of 2-year Entry-Level NHL Contract 
Mitchell Russell2nd of 3-year Entry-Level NHL Contract