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CHL Board Approves Changes to Overtime

Monday, February 1st
CHL Board Approves Changes to Overtime

Phoenix, AZ (July 28) - Central Hockey League (CHL) Commissioner Steve Ryan, upon the conclusion of the CHL's Annual Meetings in Chandler, Arizona this past week, has announced an adjustment to the overtime procedure for the 2014-15 season and has announced a rule change relative to Fighting Major penalties.

The unanimous approval of the change to overtime regulations will see the extra period remain five minutes in length but teams will play 3-on-3 for the duration of the overtime period. The consensus was that this would add enthusiasm and excitement to the fan experience en route to a definitive winner. Should a penalty occur, teams will skate 4-on-3 or 5-on-3, respectively, depending on the situation of the penalized team. If the game is still tied after overtime, the shootout process will remain the same as last season.

“Upon recommendations by the coaches of the CHL, we are excited to move forward with the hybrid change to overtime,” said Jim Wiley, CHL Director of Hockey Operations. “Fans will be thrilled to see the talent on the open ice and with as many chances as a 3-on-3 session will present, more winning results should be the outcome.”

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